If you would like to talk with a Pastor, just call (540) 786-6212  or email and someone will be happy to help you.

If you find yourself in an emergency situation outside of normal office hours and need to speak with a Pastor, please contact our on-call Pastor at (540)-693-0012.

Prayer requests may be emailed to or submitted on the CONTACT US page.


The Pastoral team is available to visit people during their time of need. Whether you or a family member is ill, have and an upcoming surgery, or are in the hospital, we want to be there to support you by offering prayer and encouragement.

We also provide care and support for individuals and families during and after bereavement. Personal counseling programs are also available. Salem Fields also provides a group called Grief Share. For more information on any of these services, please call (540) 786-6212 or email

Pastors are available to pray for people during the week or on weekends. Please call us or feel free to come by in person. You can also submit a prayer request at the guest services desk during weekend services.

A prayer room is also available throughout the week and during weekend services. This quiet, comfortable room is a great place to spend time in prayer and reflection and is open to anyone.


We believe in strong, healthy relationships - whether it's marriage, friendships, or family, there is always room to grow and strengthen the relationships in your life. We have some courses to help strengthen your relationships: Ph: (540) 786-6212 Email:


Dealing with divorce can be a very painful and difficult time. At Salem Fields, we want to help you walk this journey and offer courses to help you move forward into healing and hope. Call (540) 786-6212 or email

Are you a new parent?

Salem Fields Kids has a dedicated staff of pastors and volunteers who are there to provide support to new parents. If you need support in this area call (540) 786-6212 or email

Salem Fields Learning Center also provides a safe, warm and nurturing environment for working parents to leave their children (ages 0 - 14). For more information, call (540) 786-6292.


Salem Fields is dedicated to providing support and counsel to you when life is the hardest. Salem Fields provides pastoral and professional counseling when the need arises. If you are in need of help call (540) 786-6212 or email


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