Welcome to the Neighborhood

Salem Fields Community Church is always looking for the best way to connect children to God, their families, their community, and their world!

Here, we combine the two primary influences that impact a child's life.

The Light of the Church
The Love of the Family


WE want to partner with YOU, the parents, to help your children discover and embrace a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.  Two combined influences make a greater impact


Where do I drop off my kids?

Stop by the Welcome Center in the SFCC lobby and the Welcome Team will assist you in registering your child and showing you to their classroom. 

  • Nursery & Pre-school: THE BACKYARD classrooms are located in the hallway to the right of the Welcome Center in the main foyer.
  • K-3 Grade Children: THE TREEHOUSE classrooms are located in the hallway to the left of the Welcome Center in the main foyer.
  • 4-5 Grade Students: MAINSTREET classrooms are located at the end of the hallway to the left of the Welcome Center in the main foyer.
  • 6-8 Grade Students: THE FRONT PORCH classrooms are located in the Lift room that can be found on the right side of the sanctuary or by entering the outside entrance to the lift room located to the far right of the main entrance.
  • 9-12 Grade Students: classroom is located in the second room, on the right in the 200 hallway (to the right of the sanctuary) room 203.


Family Room

If you’re not ready to take your baby to the nursery, you can view the service from the Family Room. The Family Room is located in the first room, on the left in the 200 hallway (to the right of the sanctuary) room 210. 


Check-in & Security Policy

Check-in begins at 8:50 am (1st service) and 10:50 am (2nd service). The children’s wing doors are locked from 9:20 am – 10:15 am and from 11:20 am – 12:15 pm. A greeter is stationed at the front entrance at all times to allow parent entrance in case of an emergency or for early check-out. In addition, an ID badge (issued at check-in) is required in order to enter the children's wing and check-out your child. Thank you for partnering with us as we seek to minimize disruptions in their learning environments and keep your children safe while they are in our care.


Teaching timeless Truth leading kids to personally connect with God and apply it to their everyday lives

Small Groups:
Transforming lives through a consistent community where kids can grow in their relationship with God and others.

Intentional Apprenticing:
Reproducing our ministry efforts by inviting others to join us in accomplishing God’s mission.

Keeping the End in Mind:
Staying focused on who we want our kids to become by imparting these basic truths:

  • Pre-School 
    • God loves me
    • God made me
    • Jesus wants to be my friend forever
  • Elementary 
    • I can trust God no matter what.
    • I need to make the wise choice.
    • I need to treat others the way I want to be treated
  • 4th through 8th 
    • Wonder – I am created to pursue an authentic relationship with my Creator.
    • Discovery – I belong to Jesus Christ and define who I am by what He says.
    • Passion – I exist every day to demonstrate God’s love to a broken world.


Invest in the next generation — by giving a little of your time, you can make a huge and eternal impact in the lives of children at SFCC. Volunteer with the Neighborhood and help us fuel the faith of the next generation by helping kids discover and embrace a growing relationship with Jesus.

There are many areas that you can serve in, some of them are: Nursery, Preschool, Grades K-3, Grades 4-5, Worship, Large Group Leader, Curriculum/Supply, Production Tech, Middle School and High School.

If you would like to serve in the Neighborhood, please sign up here and we will contact you right away. Meanwhile, please download and complete volunteer application.


For more information e-mail children@salemfields.com

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