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    Ever noticed that your mind clears when you have a chance to walk in a garden or the woods?
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    Choosing the Right Bible

    Believe it or not, sometimes trying to find the right Bible for you can be one of the biggest blocks to reading it.
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    The Phantom Tollbooth: My Favorite Book

    When boredom strikes the only chance of escape is a magical tollbooth and the Lands Beyond his imagination.
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    Spring Reading List

    Who says you have to wait until summer to dive in to good books? Check out this Spring Reading List that will help your grow spiritually!
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    The Backslider in Heart

    The autopsy of a prodigal heart
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    Crusty Judges Perfect for Today

    Timothy Keller's book, "Judges for You" is about a crusty, old book of Scripture written thousands of years ago. How could it possibly be relevant today?
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