• Children

    Help! How Do I Get My Kid to Read?

    There are a variety of things a parent can do to make the magic of reading happen.
  • Children

    Children's Ministry June Preview

    Hey Parents, check out our June preview for what our preschoolers and elementary kids will be learning in the month of June.
  • Students

    The Big Move to Middle School

    Parents do you have a child moving up to middle school this year? Check out some ways to be a part of their faith journey as they make this next big step in growing up.
  • Children

    God's Opinion Matters Most

    Down at the kids end of the table I couldn’t help but notice my 16-year-old daughter was getting frustrated. I couldn’t hear or see what was bothering her, but it was clear she was upset.
  • Children

    The Perfect Child

    How is a family to cope when a perfect child is just about as rare as a perfect parent?
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